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Empowering Entrepreneurs

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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Building small businesses with practical & affordable training programmes

Why enrol in this Programme?

Entrepreneurs often struggle with the basics of starting a business – how to pull together an effective business plan, how to get funding and grow the business, how to compile proper financial statements, how to manage the people they hire, and how to keep organized and focused.  Training and development support are key.

AMI works with a range of organisations – banks, enterprise development programmes and incubators – to support networks of entrepreneurs through practical and affordable learning programmes. AMI has created 3,000+ practical business tools and over 50 online courses to help small businesses and entrepreneurs master the key skills needed to run their businesses. Training is delivered via a low-bandwidth platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere via a computer or mobile phone. Online courses are combined with optional in-person workshops, as well as access to our iCoach tool, which helps entrepreneurs set and monitor business milestones with the support of their peers. This scalable, affordable approach helps entrepreneurs build critical business skills, translating into real business growth.

AMI has partnered with numerous organisations to complement their existing services for entrepreneurs or to scale up SME programming. We work with each client to design a programme that works for them, with the right balance of online and in-person training, and the right mix of content. We provide detailed data analytics and reports that track learning progress and business impact across cohorts of entrepreneurs.

To find out more and talk to someone about how AMI can help the entrepreneurs in your network build their businesses, download the brochure and get in touch at sales@africanmanagers.org.


Story from the field

7,000 Nigerian entrepreneurs say YES!

AMI and the Lagos-based Enterprise Development Centre (EDC), launched an online learning academy supporting the Nigeria Bank of Industry’s Youth Enterprise Support (YES) Programme for young Nigerian entrepreneurs. BOI wanted a large-scale entrepreneurship programme that could affordably and efficiently reach thousands of youth-led small businesses across Nigeria, to help address youth unemployment and build a pipeline of bankable small businesses.

AMI and EDC trained 7,000 entrepreneurs with the skills they needed to build their businesses. The participants started with AMI’s online platform, where they access a customised programme of 18 of online courses and over 1,000 downloadable tools. Participants were part of a private ‘YES’ online community, where they could collaborate, network and engage each other. The most successful during the online component were invited to continue with in-person training and some were offered invsetment for their businesses.

YES participants downloaded over 1 million resources and contributed over 30,000 online posts. Online-only courses worldwide have a completion rate below 10%, but these keen young people have recorded completion rates between 75% and 95%. 98% of surveyed participants said they were applying their new skills in their businesses and two thirds said they had increased business revenue since completing the programme.

“I have learned more from this programme, and especially the online courses, than in my 4 years of college. Thank you AMI” – YES participant

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