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Scaling impact

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    Instructor: Yvette Ondachi
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    Instructor: Ross Baird
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Course Details

Do you want to understand how to identify, measure and scale your impact? This course will help you develop a business model with impact at the core, and how to use impact metrics to better analyse and communicate the results.

Why take Scaling impact?

Developed by Village Capital and supported by Rockefeller Foundation, this course highlights the lifespan of a startup, starting with identifying, then measuring, and eventually scaling impact within the business.
This course is designed to help you learn the core concepts and gain the tools needed to scale your own solution sustainably to reach a grand scale. At the end of this course, you will be able to successful identify, measure and scale your impact.

Course components

  • Video Video lessons
  • Download tools Downloadable tools
  • Activities Practical activities
  • Networking Networking with peers
  • Online exam Online exam
  • Certificates Personalized electronic certificates


Scaling impact certificate sample 1


Unit quizzes 20%
Final exam 40%
Final assignment 40%


  • Identifying impact

  • Measuring impact

  • Scaling Impact

  • Course conclusion

  • Course introduction