AMI’s 2020 Impact Report: A year of struggle, hope and resilience

30th June 2021

As the world celebrates International Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Day & Week (#MSMEDay21) we’ve released AMI’s 2020 Impact Report titled ‘A year of struggle, hope and resilience’.

The last year of the pandemic brought upheaval and hardship for Africa’s ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs. Despite it all, through ingenuity and practical tools, entrepreneurs and businesses in our programmes were resilient, protecting 40,400 jobs and impacting over 202,000 livelihoods.

AMI 2020 Impact: Overview

From the early days of the pandemic, AMI set out to reach as many businesses as possible with practical tools and training to help them survive Covid-19. We shifted our programmes from a blended model to fully virtual, leveraging our robust online learning platform and content to support MSMEs across the continent with new Covid-19 response offerings such as our new Business Survival Bootcamps and Survive to Thrive programme, along with other core programme offerings

As a result of these efforts, AMI reached 10 times as many businesses in 2020 as we supported in 2019. 

We engaged 15,155 individuals directly from 39 countries in 2020, supported over 3,700 businesses through our MSME bootcamps and programmes and we’ve estimated that businesses participating in our programmes protected an estimated 40,400 jobs, impacting over 202,000 livelihoods. 

Read More About Our Impact in 2020

With economic lockdowns already stalling economic recovery in 2021, our work in 2020 – as detailed in the report – has underscored the importance of supporting businesses with practical tools and training. We know this is the path toward resilient businesses, communities, and people.

For MSMEs to be part of driving the economic recovery across Africa, it will be critical that business owners, entrepreneurs, and employees are well equipped to build resilient businesses to withstand extended periods of economic hardship.

We invite you to download AMI’s 2020 Impact Report and read the stories of our programme participants and programme partners.

Download the AMI 2020 Impact Report

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