2018 Impact Snapshot

4th June 2019

We’re excited to announce the release of our 2018 Impact Snapshot!

AMI worked with over over 8,700 individuals from 10 African countries who participated in 28 AMI programmes in 2018. Of these AMI participants, 71% were women.That brings our total reach to date through structured blended learning programmes to just over 26,600, including 22,000 entrepreneurs. 62,000 people in total have engaged with the AMI online platform, having downloaded over 1.14 million tools.  

Read our latest impact snapshot to learn more about how training and development – when done right – can build skills, drive business performance, and positively impact managers & entrepreneurs across the continent.


Transforming Individuals

  • To date, AMI has reached over 26,600 people through our blended learning programmes
  • 71% of our participants last year were women
  • 97% of programme participants report that they apply what they learn at work
  • 100% of CEOs/HR leads saw tangible performance improvements in their staff

Transforming organisations

  • AMI programmes lead to better company performance. 90% of clients said business improved after they ran an AMI learning programme with their employees
  • 86% of these clients directly link these changes to AMI programmes

Empowering entrepreneurs & youth

  • 99% of entrepreneurs in our SME programmes reported improved business performance after engaging with AMI
  • Over 60% reported increased revenue
  • More than 40% were able to create new jobs
  • All entrepreneurs linked the improvement in the performance of their businesses to AMI programmes

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