Uber and AMI have launched a high-impact learning programme to help drive business forward. Specifically the partnerships is focused on helping women drivers and those in their communities to develop the skills needed to thrive as independent entrepreneurs and make the most of earning opportunities. Currently the pilot programmes are available South Africa and Kenya.

Through this partnership AMI is offering two personal development and entrepreneurship programmes:

Skills on the Go

The 4-months Skills on the Go programme focuses on women drivers to help them address barriers to success as a modern independent entrepreneur on the go. The programme will also help participants understand and financially plan for the risks that employment mobility can bring. Some of the challenges this programme addresses include managing competing priorities, effective planning, communication, managing difficult clients, and personal finance management.

Micro-Enterprise Accelerator

The 6-months Micro-Enterprise Accelerator programme focuses on helping community members improve the performance of their small businesses. Through the programme, entrepreneurs learn how to track key financial and performance business, understand the gaps in their key business processes and implement key business practices to improve/grow their business

I’ve learnt to manage my finances, communicate with customers and prioritise responsibilities. Thanks to what I learned, I’ve reduced my expenses and have been able to save more.

Uber driver, Nairobi


This programme has changed the way I think about serving customers, and also helped me budget properly in
my small business.
It will change my life a lot.

– Uber driver, Johannesburg

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