Bootcamp Kickoff Webinar

Jul 17, 2020 2:00 pm EAT

Financial Forecasting and Cost Management



  • Financial forecasting and cost management in an economic slowdown
    This track kicks off your free 2-week programme and helps you begin the process of responding to the threats to your businesses survival with tools to help determine immediate actions. You’ll focus on mapping our scenarios, assessing and addressing risks to your business, review tools to forecast your cash flow and define short-term strategies.This track’s practical tools will help you:

    • Do scenario planning. Use our downloadable tools to map several possible scenarios to identify the highest areas of business risk.
    • Perform business risk assessment. Determine what the greatest risks to their business are now, and what actions they can take.
    • Model and forecast cash-flow. Use a simple cash-flow forecasting tool to help them to identify where they may need to cut costs or find alternate sources of income to remain cash flow positive in the uncertain months ahead.

Your 2-Week Business Survival Bootcamp Journey

AMI’s free, two-week Business Survival Bootcamp offers immediate access to the practical and applicable learning experience that you’re looking for. Instead of taking time away from your business, we’ll help you learn while you improve your business. Through our two-week self-guided learning journey, you’ll have access to downloadable tools, short online courses, and a network of businesses across the continent to help you ensure your business survives. 

Focused on rapid financial planning, cost management and strategies for adapting your business and products, our approaches will help you take practical actions to ensure your businesses survival.

  • Kick Start Your Journey – 90 Minute Webinar: Get your bootcamp experience started with a 90-minute interactive webinar led by AMI’s expert facilitators. This is more than talking heads. You’ll see how our practical tools apply, you’ll work in breakout groups to understand your current situation, and interact with other entrepreneurs and businesses from across Africa, dealing with some of the same issues so you can share strategies. By the end of it, you’ll be ready to dive into your two weeks of access to our platform and downloadable tools.
  • Business Survival Toolkit – 2 Weeks of Access: Once you’ve completed your kickoff webinar, you’ll be provided free access for two weeks to use AMI’s learning platform. You’ll be able to download and interact with AMI’s hand-picked practical tools and self-guided courses to help implement what you learned in the kickoff webinar.
  • Direct Support from AMI’s Team – During the two-week period, entrepreneurs are supported virtually by AMI’s programme managers, who are available to answer questions, provide technical support and guide conversations using AMI’s social networking tools.
  • Interact & Network with Other African Businesses: Connect with other African entrepreneurs and businesses who are also trying to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 through our learning community platform. You’ll also be added to a WhatsApp Group with all the other businesses who started their journey with you.
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