Will I get a certificate?

You can upgrade to the ‘Certificate Track’ from the My Courses page. If you upgrade and complete all the core course components – the unit tests, final exam and final assignment with a passing grade of 60%, you will be able to download the certificate from My Courses at any time. Learning with AMI is FREE. But we charge a small fee to receive a personalized, electronic certificate. Everyone who upgrades and successfully completes the course, including the final assignment and buddy sign-off, will be eligible for a certificate.

Is AMI accredited?

AMI is focused on practical tools and resources for working managers rather than formal academic qualifications. We are not a formal academic institution and are not therefore registered as such. However we place great emphasis on quality and work with established content partners, including top business schools that are accredited and registered with their local authorities.

How do I become an AMI member?

AMI membership will launch later in 2014. This is an exciting proposition that will give you a chance to become an AMI Licensed Manager, with unlimited access to all our courses, certificates and premium resources starting from $7 per month.

How do I pay the $25 fee for a certificate?

You can pay online from anywhere using a credit card, providing this card is enabled for international payments. If you are in East Africa, you will be able to pay using MPesa. In future, we will offer cash payment and bank transfer options. You upgrade and make payments from the My Courses page. We advise all our online learners to pay for their online certificates by credit card. If you do not have a credit card approved for international transfer, you can transfer money to AMI via Eco Bank’s Rapid Transfer service. Please note that this will be slightly more expensive than an electronic transfer, so we recommend that you use a credit card or mobile money if possible.

Please email us on with PAYMENT in the subject line to access the Rapid Transfer instructions. Contact us.

How do I sign up for a certificate?

You can sign up for the ‘Certificate Track’ on any course by registering for the course and then clicking ‘upgrade to get a certificate’ from the My Courses page.

I only just found out about the course, and it’s halfway through. Will it be available again?

YES! All our courses are offered several times a year. Sign up on our course page and we will send you an email when the next course is about to start.

How will I receive my certificate?

AMI operates across Africa, so certificates are electronic and personalised. You will be able to download a high-resolution copy of your certificate and will be able to post this to your social media profile, email it to employers or get it printed at your local printing business.

To get a hard copy certificate, you can sign up for a Learning Labs workshop.

What is a Learning Lab?

Because online learning is not for everyone, we also offer physical workshops, where participants work through material together with the help of a facilitator. Click HERE to read more about Learning Labs and to find one near you.

Do you have learning and training packages for companies?

YES! Learning is most effective when done with colleagues as a team. Click here for information about our services for companies and organisations or get in touch at send us your contact details and a sales executive will call you back.

How do I sign up for a workshop or Learning Lab?

Click HERE to get a list of upcoming Learning Labs and sign up for one near you.

How do I sign up my team to a course?

Contact us on providing a contact phone number or email address and a sales executive will get in touch to discuss a solution for your team.

Where is AMI based?

AMI’s main office is in Nairobi, Kenya. We are registered in Kenya and Mauritius. We also have a presence in South Africa and will soon be expanding to West Africa. We offer Learning Lab workshops in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana and South Africa and have users from almost every country in Africa!

What is the next course and when does it start?

Check the course page for a list of upcoming courses and start dates. During 2014, we have Managing Money, Managing People, Managing Projects and Managing Myself, plus a series of courses for social enterprises. We will be offering each course several times, in case you miss the first time.

Which organisation issues the certificate?

The certificate is issued by AMI, in partnership with our business school content partners. The certificate features the AMI logo and the logos of our content partners. It is signed by representatives of both AMI and the business school partner.

For example, for the Managing Customers & Markets course, the certificate is signed by AMI and by the Dean of Strathmore Business School. The certificate features the logos of AMI, Strathmore Business School, Lagos Business School and the Gordon Institute of Business Science.


Why are my course videos not loading?

Sometimes course videos take a few moments to load. If this happens, click the pause button, wait for 1 minute, then press play again. We are working on a solution that will speed up video downloads and further reduce download requirements so this should improve in the future! It’s also always a good idea to try a different web browser (for example Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and to make sure that you have the latest version of the browser you are using.

How do I register with AMI or sign up for a course?

You can register for AMI with your email address or a number of social media log ins, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Once you’ve registered you can search or browse our course page to enroll.

What if I’ve forgotten my password?

You can reset your password from the sign in page, by clicking ‘I forgot my password’. A confirmation will be sent to your registered email address to reset it for you.

You can change your password at any time in your account settings in your profile.

How do I create my profile?

Your profile is created for you when you register. But, you might notice there isn’t much in there! To help you make connections with managers and entrepreneurs across Africa, you can edit your profile to add a photo, key experience and skills as you build your network with AMI

Profiles are currently available to all AMI users, but will be limited to members from October 2014, so get started now while you can!

Are my informal quizzes graded?

Informal quizzes are there to help you gauge your understanding of the lessons. They are not graded. Unit tests however, are graded and taken all together, they count towards 20% of your final course grade so make sure you use those informal quizzes to prepare you for your tests!

What is My Journey?

My Journey will be launched along with the AMI membership in October 2014. This is core to AMI’s aim of helping to provide the tools and knowledge needed to be an effective and accountable manager and will include skills analysis and professional development and coaching tools.

What is a Community?

Another aspect of AMI membership will be involvement in communities of practice to network and share best practice with your peers from across Africa. You will be able to access and share resources to help you in your day to day job and share knowledge and experience with other managers across the continent.

How do I get some achievements on my dashboard?

Achievements will come about naturally if you are going through all the critical steps in your course. Achievements are designed to help you navigate the course and to encourage those behaviours that AMI believes will help you gain and use critical management skills. If you see a prompt to do something, I’d give it a try!

How do I change the frequency or stop my weekly progress reports or updates?

You can change the frequency of your weekly progress reports or weekly updates in your account settings.


How do I get course papers?

You can access and download all our course materials online once you’ve signed up. We also have offline Learning Lab workshops as an alternative that you may sign up for if you prefer one-on-one learning.The main course materials are lesson videos, lesson activities and the quizzes. We also have the same materials in text (PDF), audio and PowerPoint presentations (in some cases) with supporting materials such as tools and case studies and other supplementary resources. The materials can be downloaded from the resources tab on the main course page.

How should I get the lessons?

You can access and download all our course materials online once you’ve signed up. We also have offline Learning Lab workshops as an alternative that you may sign up for if you prefer one-on-one learning

The main course materials are lesson videos, lesson activities and the quizzes. We also have the same materials in text (PDF), audio and PowerPoint presentations (in some cases) with supporting materials such as tools and case studies and other supplementary resources. The materials can be downloaded from the resources tab on the main course page.

Can I have class attendance rather than the online course?

YES! We have offline Learning Lab workshops scheduled several times within the month. Click here to learn more about our Learning Labs.

How will I receive course updates?

You will receive important course announcements in your email. You will also receive personalised notifications to in your email (you can disable these in your account settings at any time) and in your main profile with an alternative snap shot off of your main dashboard.

When does the course start?

All course dates are found on the course page.During 2014, we are offering Managing Money, Managing People, and Managing Projects and Managing Myself, plus a series of courses for social enterprises. We will be offering each course several times, in case you miss the first time.

What special equipment will I need?

Our course content and platform has been simplified enough to ensure that you DON’T need any special equipment except stable Internet connection – on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

We are compatible with most web browsers, the exception being Internet Explorer if it is older than IE9. If you are using an older version of any web browser you are strongly encouraged to update your browser before you start the course to ensure that you can use all of our great content and pages.

How long will the course take?

Our courses are structured into units each with between 4-6 lessons. Each Lesson video is between 3-6 minutes. The whole course duration is approximately 4 weeks with an additional week to complete the assignment and take the final exam. Average time required to finish the courses is about 30 hours of study time per course.

Our social impact courses however are slightly shorter lasting for 3 weeks with an average study time per course of about 15-20 hours. For more information on the specific details of eachcourse please follow this.

How will I be assessed?

Our informal assessments give an indication of WHAT you can do with the knowledge you’ve gained as opposed to HOW MUCH you know. These are not graded.

At the end of each unit we give a formal quiz to test your understanding. This accounts for 20% of your final grade. At the end of the course you’ll be required to attempt a final assignment and a final exam each of which account for 40% of your grade.

Do the end of lessons/unit assessments and activities count toward my grade?

The informal quizzes and the activities are meant to help you reflect on what you have learnt and DO NOT count to your final grade. They however help you apply the concepts you have learnt…. The more you engage in the activities and share in the

How do I submit my assignment?

To find out how to submit the assignment, please go through the conclusion video for instructions. Please feel free to email us in case you encounter any difficulty submitting the assignment.

Will I get feedback on my assignment?

Your buddy will review your assignment and the report that you submit at the end of the course. He/she will give feedback and can consult us on for any clarifications.

Will I get a grade at the end of the course?

AMI records your results for all quizzes and interactions. If you are a free user we will tell you whether you’ve passed or failed each test and the final course assessments. Certificate track students however will be able to receive their transcripts showing their scores on the Unit Quizzes and Final examination as well as a Certificate of Completion. You can upgrade at any time from you’re my Courses page!

I am stuck on the assignment. How can I ask the instructor for help?

Our unique approach to assignments is to let study peers contribute to any questions you may have about the assignment. Please engage the study group on any issues that you encounter as you do your assignment. You may post a question to the group. You will not only learn from each other but will increase your score on the scoreboard. The instructor and AMI are always reviewing the posts and contributing our own thoughts, so if a peer doesn’t beat us to it, we’ll also be able to answer any questions!

In case you are really stuck and are not getting satisfactory responses from the study group, you can email us on and we’ll be sure to assist.

How does the leader board work?

Becoming a leader on the leader board is based on one’s engagement in the course, your progress on the course, your results in the assessments and who engaged most on the activities and assessments. Do your best, engage with the study group and help your peers when you can and you’re sure to inch your way up!

What is a notification?

A notification is an alert on your dashboard indicating any engagement on the platform such as when other users send you messages, successful submission of assignments, peer group comments etc.

Why can't I access all the tools?

If you are unable to access all the tools, please go to the resources tab or use the search tab to look for the tool.

Some of the tools are PREMIUM tools and therefore only accessible to the Certificate Course students. You can upgrade at any time from your My Courses tab to have access to all the premium tools and resources.

What are connections/followers?

In the AMI platform, currently everyone can connect with other users to see their profiles. When you connect with someone you can follow them. This means you get notifications when they post anything on their walls. You have an option of just connecting with members without following them.

How does the buddy system work?

A buddy is someone who can hold you accountable as you take this course, someone you can discuss the challenging content with and someone who will be able to help you work through your final assignment.

To register a buddy you need to go to your course dashboard on the My Courses tab.

The person you’ve registered as your buddy will be sent an email notification requesting him/her to either accept to be your buddy or let us know if they are unable/unwilling to be your buddy.

Your buddy will be your sounding board in the sense that you will discuss with him/her the concepts that you cover on the course and their applicability to your work situation. You will also engage your buddy as you go through the activities to see whether you have learnt how to apply the concepts that you have learnt. Finally your buddy will review your final assignment and the report to validate that you’ve actually gone through the course successfully.

It is important therefore to choose a buddy who is willing to go with you in this learning journey.

How do I find a buddy?

Your buddy can be your friend, colleague or even relative. You may also find a buddy from any of our courses as long as they are will to take the learning journey with you! If you really can’t find one, contact us and maybe we can help!