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Take your business to the next level with AMI's practical business growth programme, offered FREE for a limited period as part of a Kenyan research study.

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Free AMI business growth programme for Kenyan business owners who participate in MIT research study

Kenyan business owners are invited to apply for AMI’s Grow Your Business programme, offered for free as part of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) research study. This study will evaluate the effectiveness of AMI’s programmes, while supporting participating businesses to pursue their growth goals.

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A limited-time offer, exclusively for Kenyan business owners

AMI is offering free business growth programmes to qualified businesses who apply and are accepted to participate in an MIT research study. Those accepted into the research study will be randomly allocated to one of the opportunities below. Both business growth opportunities are offered free of charge as part of the study:

  • AMI’s 2022 Virtual Grow Your Business Programme
    A 6-month virtual business growth programme for you the business owner and your senior team. The programme includes practical tools and interactive workshops to support you to achieve your company’s growth goals.
    The programme will include an additional 6-month post-programme support and upon successful completion you qualify to join AMI’s prestigious Growth Network – a pan-African club for ambitious businesses – and Finance Link, which links you with potential funders.


  • Pre-qualification for AMI’s Growth Network and Finance Link
    Your business will not participate in the learning experience but you’ll become eligible for a one year free membership to AMI’s prestigious Growth Network – a pan-African club for ambitious businesses after after completing required tracking and reporting of your business metrics.
    Benefits of the network include access to AMI’s world-class business tools, courses and resources, networking events with hundreds of other ambitious entrepreneurs from across Africa, and opportunities to apply for and be connected with potential funders through AMI’s Finance Link.





(plus 6-months post-programme support and tracking)





(free enrolment only for eligible and successful applicants)




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  • The main applicant and participant is the Business Owner, CEO, or Founder of the business
  • Business owners can be accompanied by up to 2 employees (key staff or senior managers)

*Grow Your Business is not designed for start-ups or early stage entrepreneurs.

Business Profile

  • Years In Business: Business in operation for more than 1 year
  • Revenue: Generated between KSH 1 Million – KSH 50 Million in revenue in at least one of the last two financial years
  • Employees: The business has a minimum of 2 full-time employees
  • Internet Enabled: Smartphone/internet connection to access online tools, courses, and the online community
  • Performance-Oriented: Willing to share key performance/financial data  (so that you and we can learn about your growth progress).

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Build & grow as you learn

Instead of talking to entrepreneurs about concepts and theories, AMI introduces practical business and management tools that can be applied to business practices on day one. Participants navigate their learning journey with our learning platform and apps, powerful facilitator-led interactive workshops, and peer-to-peer support.

More than traditional training - practical tools that you’ll use immediately

No boring lectures. Expect engaging interactive workshops led by world-class facilitators and interactive peer group meetings

Get the content you need, when you need it, via web and mobile. Access 20+ online courses & over 125 business tools

AMI is more practical than other programmes because they go all the way to the level of showing you how to do it. And those tools are tools that you use forever.

Maggie Mugala, Dimples Restaurant | Grow Your Business participant


When does the programme start?

Between January and July 2022

Will the participants get access to business loans or any other financial assistance?

AMI does not offer business loans or any direct funding to participants. However participants who successfully complete the programme will have access to AMI’s Finance link, which links them with potential funders based on various factors such as nature of the business, industry and availability of funders.

Can one choose between the two(2) business growth opportunities offered as part of the study i.e. the Grow Your Business learning programme or the pre-qualification to Growth Network and Finance Link?

No. The participants will be randomly selected and on-boarded into either of the two offerings.

Which organizations are involved in offering the programme?

We recognize the need to continually improve support to entrepreneurs and this has led to three reputable organizations joining hands to offer the Grow Your Business Programme. These organizations include: Equity Bank Kenya as the sourcing/recruitment partner, African Management Institute (AMI) as the learning implementation partner and two led researcher from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The researchers from MIT have contracted Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA- Kenya) who will support in data collection.

About the African Management Institute (AMI)

AMI enables ambitious businesses across Africa to thrive, through practical tools and training. We equip entrepreneurs with tools to build their business, help companies train their teams and run work readiness programmes for young people starting their careers. AMI’s programmes combine online and mobile tools with in-person workshops and on-the-job practice and support. During the COVID period AMI is delivering fully virtual programming across the continent.

AMI has worked with a range of businesses and organisations to support entrepreneurs and managers build and grow their businesses across Africa including Uber, Nestle, Radisson Blu, Mastercard Foundation, USAID, Shell Foundation and Equity Bank. AMI has directly trained over 30,000 people in over 35 countries across Africa.

AMI has offices in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nairobi, Kenya and Kigali, Rwanda.