An entrepreneur gains the confidence to scale


Fashion designer Wanjiru Mbugua, owner of RD Clothing in Nairobi, was sceptical about the AMI’s Grow Your Business programme when she first joined. She assumed her dressmaking business was already doing as well as it could. “I thought I knew everything about business,” she explains. But once she started the programme, “I realized that I didn’t.”

Wanjiru had been able to maintain her business, but she didn’t have the knowledge or tools to expand it. After undergoing the in-person workshops, peer support groups, and online learning platform of GYB, she learned how to better work with her suppliers and distributors, and how to more effectively track her sales and overall performance.

Even more importantly, the programme pushed her to set higher goals in her career. “It challenged me to scale up,” she says. “Because, yes, you can start a business, but then how long do you want to stay in that business without growing?”

Completing the AMI programme has also given Wanjiru the confidence she needs to pursue those goals. “This has made me become so bold, it’s unbelievable,” she marvels.

She now sees the high value that GYB can provide to entrepreneurs—even those who think they’re doing fine. “I would highly recommend this program to other entrepreneurs because we think we know everything. We actually don’t know everything.”

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