Survive to Thrive

A practical business growth programme to support busy and ambitious business owners across Africa.

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Build for Resilience & Growth

A 6-month learning journey to build business resilience and capitalize on opportunities to grow your business.

Survive to Thrive is a practical business growth programme focused on equipping business leaders with the tools to immediately address challenges and seize on opportunities. Over this 6-month journey, you’ll build a more resilient business through improved business practices, a more engaged team, and clear growth goals.

Proven Results

  • 91% of businesses who have completed Survive to Thrive say their businesses are stronger as a result.
  • Of the 85% of businesses who responded to a recent survey, 6 months after completing AMI’s open business growth programmes, 100% reported still being in operation.
  • 92% of businesses who graduated from Survive to Thrive report implementing at least 1+ new business practices.
  • 9 out of 10 Survive to Thrive participants would recommend the programme to a friend, colleague or associate.

Programme Objectives:

  • Build a resilient business & team
    Build confidence and resilience in core business leaders to overcome barriers, reach their goals and drive business growth
  • Improve systems and practices
    Implement research-backed business practices to improve business practices that lead to growth
  • Growth to meet opportunity
    Focus on setting clear growth goals, use AMI’s unique tools to track results, and learn how to adapt to meet market opportunities

Cost & Commitment:

 $500 $250 (per business)

  • Include 3 team members per business
  • A 6-month programme; requires 3-4 hours a week
    For a limited time, the programme cost is subsidized thanks to the support of a partner.

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Build & grow as you learn

Instead of talking at entrepreneurs about concepts and theories, AMI introduces practical business and management tools that can be applied to business practices on day one. Participants navigate their learning journey with our learning platform and apps, powerful facilitator-led learning experiences, and peer-to-peer support.

More than traditional training - practical tools that you’ll use immediately

No boring lectures. Expect engaging Learning Labs led by world-class facilitators and interactive peer group meetings

Get the content you need, when you need it, via web and mobile. Access 20+ online courses & over 125 business tools

Who is Survive to Thrive for?

Survive to Thrive has been developed for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners across Africa who want to lead their teams and businesses to seize on opportunity, even in the face of challenges.

Who Can & Should Join

  • The main applicant and participant is the Business Owner, CEO, or Founder of the business
  • Business owners can be accompanied by up to 2 employees (key staff  or senior managers)

*Survive to Thrive has not been designed for start-ups or early stage entrepreneurs.

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Business Profile

  • Years In Business: Business in operation for more than 1 year
  • Revenue: Generated between $10,000 – $500,000 in revenue in at least one of the last two financial years
  • Employees: The business has a minimum of 2 full-time employees
  • Internet Enabled: Smartphone/internet connection to access online tools, courses, and the online community
  • Performance-Oriented: Willing to share key performance/financial data  (so that you and we can learn about your growth progress).

Enrolment Deadline

June 20th, 2021

Programme Begins

July 2021

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Proven Results for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

AMI’s Survive to Thrive programme has supported 227 businesses & nearly 600 participants in over 24 countries across Africa.

“Through this programme, I managed to pull together my team and come up with an emergency cost-cutting plan to keep the hospital afloat.”
– Alex Okello, St. Eliza Healthcare Services, Uganda


“I’m glad that through this programme, my team and I found ways of adjusting and continuing to make money during the lockdown.” 
– Mimi Ade-Odiachi, Owner Omar Gardens, Nigeria

The Queen Bee: A Survive to Thrive Story

Learn how AMI’s Survive to Thrive programme supported Kenya’s Pauline Otila, Managing Director of Apiculture Venture navigate the challenges of Covid and move her business forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

Survive to Thrive is a 6-month programme and requires 3-4 hours a week commitment.

Why am I required to submit business data?

For you to qualify for the Survive to Thrive programme you are required to share some basic financial data with AMI, such as business revenue, profit and staff headcount.

The reason for this is to:

  • Help you develop the habit of constantly tracking and measuring your business performance.
  • Enable AMI to better tailor our support for participants and measure the effectiveness of our programmes.
  • Allow AMI to report anonymised impact data to our partners as a requirement of the subsidy. In short, without this data, we cannot continue to provide subsidised programmes to businesses like yours.
    Your data will be anonymised before it is ever shared. It is our policy that no identifiable business data will ever be shared (see our data privacy policy)

Here are the steps you’ll be required to follow (businesses that fail to do so will be released from the programme):

  • Track your business’ growth by recording financial figures every month and submitting this to AMI every month of the programme *
  • Track your business’ annual growth by recording and sharing your business’ annual performance data with AMI at the beginning of the programme, and for 2 years after the programme.
  • Engage with all the core requirements of the programme (i.e attending learning sessions, downloading and implementing practical tools and submitting key programme surveys).
Is this programme for me?

This programme is designed for entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized businesses from across Africa with more than 1 employee. The business must have been in operation for at least 1 and generated more than $10,000 in revenue in at least one of the last two financial years.

It has not been designed for start-ups or smaller businesses whose gross revenues are below $10,000.

What guides the programme approach?

The programme combines two core research-backed approaches:

  1. Practises – Developed based on international research that explores how introducing certain ‘ways of working’ (organisational practices or ‘habits’) in a business is directly linked to organisational growth and prosperity.  (Research by McKenzie & Woodruff on micro-enterprises and Bloom & Van Reenen on SMEs).
  2. Grit Building – The second unique approach to this training is (AMI -Appreciative Inquiry [AI]). This approach draws from research by David Cooper to help entrepreneurs build grit and resilience.
How much time will I need to invest in this programme?

3-4 hours per week. This includes monthly webinars, review of metrics, and implementation of tools and practices (the more time you spend on the tools and practices, the more you get out of the programme)