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Transform Your Team Dynamics

Join us for a FREE workshop on handling difficult conversations and building high-performing teams.

In today’s dynamic work environment, effective leadership and communication are crucial. Hence, the session will tackle two key topics : “Difficult Conversations: I told them what to do, but they still did not do their work, now what?” and “Changing Behaviours: How to create a high-performing team?”.

The workshop will equip participants with tools and strategies to handle tough conversations, build a motivated, high-performing team and drive organisational success.

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Dr. Nonyelum Barrow

Dr. Nonyelum Barrow is a dynamic leader offering 23 years of success. She has a diverse background encompassing Medicine, Human Resources, Corporate Services, and Upstream Oil and Gas Commercial Management. 

As a business leader with keen problem solving and execution skills, she builds strong, high performing teams through instituting positive work cultures, motivating staff, and ensuring skill development. She also keenly optimises business processes for efficiency and revenue growth. She has implemented enterprise-wide solutions for companies with annual turnover above $5 Billion and who employ over 2,000 employees, unionised and non-unionized.

Sheila Ojei

Sheila Ojei is the Country Manager of the African Management Institute, Nigeria, with a strong background in impact communications, partnership development, digital transformation, and stakeholder management. 

With over 14 years experience of working in Financial services, Manufacturing, Recruitment, Tech, and Government, she has achieved significant results in transforming organisations and has been instrumental in implementing wealth creation strategies, establishing key partnerships in youth development, skills acquisition, and MSME support. Sheila serves on the Boards of United Way Greater Nigeria and BusinessDay Foundation. 

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