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About Our Learning Approach

AMI’s learning model is built around the simple evidence-backed principle that adults learn by doing.

Instead of training teams using concepts and theories, we introduce them to practical business and management tools that can be immediately applied at work. Through powerful learning experiences and peer-to-peer support, we encourage our users to implement these tools in their organisations over time, until they become a habit.

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Virtual Workplace Learning Programmes in 2022

In 2022, AMI is offering regular virtual and pan-African Workplace Learning Programmes in English and French to support Africa’s ambitious companies to energise their teams and support their ability to perform.

Management Development

This highly practical and comprehensive programme aims at elevating the performance of your team leaders and middle-level managers. Throughout the six months, participants gain effective tools and strategies in key areas like leadership, supervision, project management, team building, and problem-solving.

Thrive at Work

This programme is designed for non-management staff who need essential practical professional skills in order to thrive like goal setting, time management, prioritising skills, communication skills, teamwork, personal productivity, and emotional intelligence.

Energising Company

This virtual learning programme equips middle managers, new managers and supervisors with the soft skills they need to create a positive team culture and work environment like managing stress and emotions at work, understanding team dynamics and motivating people at work.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Programme equips senior managers, leaders, and/ or high potentials with skills that they need to be highly effective leaders. Through this 8-12- month intensive programme leaders will learn proven approaches for empowering teams, building healthy organisational culture, and delivering great results.

Next English Cohort Date:
26 October, 2022
Next French Cohort Date:

Next English Cohort Date:
Next French Cohort Date:

Next English Cohort Date:

Next English Cohort Date:

Proven Impact

AMI’s workplace learning programmes have led to the following results for recent participants and companies who enroll employees:


report increased company revenue


apply what they learn at work


feel better equipped to tackle work challenges


report improvements in the company’s key performance metric


report increased profitability

A female leader finds her voice

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Januaris Muli

Business Development Manager, Enterprise


+254 724 464 423

The most valuable lesson I took away from this training is that in order to successfully lead others, you must learn to effectively lead yourself. While this seems like a simple concept, it can be challenging for many managers. Learning how to accept criticism and feedback from team members is difficult and uncomfortable, but crucial for continuing to learn, grow and develop important leadership skills.

Ida Ogembo, Assistant Manager, Retention, d.light, Kenya

About the African Management Institute (AMI)

AMI enables ambitious businesses across Africa to thrive, through practical tools and training. We equip entrepreneurs with tools to build their business, help companies train their teams and run work readiness programmes for young people starting their careers. AMI’s programmes combine online and mobile tools with in-person workshops and on-the-job practice and support. During the COVID period AMI is delivering fully virtual programming across the continent.

AMI has worked with a range of businesses and organisations to support entrepreneurs and managers build and grow their businesses across Africa including Uber, Nestle, Radisson Blu, Mastercard Foundation, USAID, Shell Foundation and Equity Bank. AMI has directly trained over 30,000 people in over 35 countries across Africa.

AMI has 70+ staff with offices and presence in 7 countries; Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, and Uganda.

Our programmes have reached over 35,000 individuals in 39 countries across Africa.