Designed for ambitious agri-SMEs, the AgriXcel Programme links businesses to finance lenders and equips them with practical tools and resources to improve their business practices through understanding, tracking, and managing finances.

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Key benefits:

  • Make Data-Driven Decisions & Improve Financial Management

You will have access to AMI Business, a financial tracking and analysis app, designed to support businesses set clear growth goals; identify and prepare records needed to access finance; get in the habit of tracking and analyzing revenue

  • Implement Best Business Practices for Growth

Learn how to implement critical business practices that will plug gaps impeding ability to access finance – including financial analysis, leadership and governance, strategic business planning, managing customers and markets, and streamlining operations.

  • Access Finance

Once you have identified and prepared records needed to access finance, you will be linked to relevant financial providers.

  • Networking and Peer Learning

Businesses in the programme will receive access to peer learning and collaboration to work through challenges and encourage you to keep driving toward your ultimate goal.


November 2022


6-months plus 2-months of finance linkage
Business owner and up to two (2) key staff 


 Virtual Facilitator led training


Free enrolment only for eligible and successful applicants


7th November 2022 

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AMI tools such as the cash flow analysis and the tools in general have helped us with our projections as well as competitor analysis. This has helped us a lot as we are now speaking to investors in Nairobi.

Gashora Farm- Rwanda


This Programme is for:

  • Agri-SMEs in Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda interested in finance in the next 6-12 months.
  • Agri-SMEs who buy/sell from small scale farmers OR SMEs involved in logistics, processing, handling of food crops produced by small scale producers.
  • The main participant and applicant must be the CEO, Managing Director, Owner, or Founder of the business and must be an active participant in the programme.
  • Other participants must be senior leaders in the business capable of supporting the implementation of key practices.
  • Women owned businesses are highly encouraged to apply.

Revenue Profile:  

Generated $30,000 – $1M in the last financial year

Years In Business:
Operational for more than 2 years

Employee Size: 

2+ full-time employees

Internet Enabled:

Willing to work online – i.e. Must have a smartphone/Internet connection to access online tools, courses and online community

Performance/ Data-oriented:

Willing to share performance/financial data as part of the financial goal tracking and analysis for finance readiness.




Applications for the programme open on August 29th, 2022. 

About the Learning Journey

The programme learning journey focuses on taking your business through 7 key phases of your journey over a 6-month period. Each stage is approximately 3-4 weeks long. You'll be supported by key AMI staff during this period including the Programme Facilitator and a dedicated AMI Programme & Learning Manager.

Phase 1- Get set up for finance
  • Set core goals for finance and growth – including finance goals, setting core strategic objectives, and creating a business performance dashboard.
Phase 2- Lead a Growing Business
  • Learn how to drive your Agri-business towards a successful bid for finance – driving the business to achieve core objectives and implementing required business practices.
  • Build leadership skills and develop resilience and focus on yourself and your team.
Phase 3: Identify growth opportunities and models
  • Understand your customers’ needs and product/market fit, find new innovative ways to serve them by understanding your strengths in the value-chain and how to maximize revenue opportunities in your market.
  • Build a financial model for new products, craft assumptions, analyze their viability and change them over time
Phase 4- Access to Finance
  • Understand the pros and cons of various types of finance and different categories of finance
  • Build a financial plan/cash flow model
  • Know how to complete the Bankability Index tool and apply for finance
Phase 5- Financial analysis: Understanding the numbers
  • Assess core drivers of profit in business, understand underlying trends and make decisions that support access to finance for growth and sustainability in the long-term
  • Learn financial analysis and planning, understand revenue, costing, cashflow, profitability and pricing
Phase 6- Build Operations and Talent for Finance
  • Build operations, processes and talent to support continuous improvement and growth
Phase 7- Plan for Finance
  • Strategic business planning – including Pestel analysis, 5 forces, Ansoff Matrix
  • Develop a strategy for your next phase of growth

About the Partnerships

Man and Woman Smiling Behind AMI Background
About AMI, AGRA, and Aceli Africa Partnership

African Management Institute (AMI), The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), and Aceli Africa have partnered to provide this programme to benefit agri-SMEs by providing a sustainable and innovative solution that will improve the reliability and assurance of finance records for Agri- SMEs in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

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