AMI’s 2021 Impact Report: Skills to power growth & impact

31st August 2022

As Africa’s ambitious businesses emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic only to face further economic headwinds, we believe more than ever that their job creating power and drive for innovation are critical for the future of the continent.

In our recently released AMI 2021 Impact Report: Skills to power growth & impact we share how AMI’s work in 2021 – building skills for growth with businesses and their teams – helped unlock business growth, create jobs, improve livelihoods and strengthen whole systems to withstand the turbulence of our times and support thriving communities.

In 2021, we focused on business growth and resilience programmes for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), as well as supporting larger ambitious entities to strengthen their management teams with practical tools and resources.

We engaged 20,907 individuals and businesses from 39 countries.  

Businesses on our core business growth programmes reported a 99% business survival rate, increased revenue by 35% and created an average of 3.9 jobs each

In their “Letter from the founders”, Rebecca Harrison (CEO) and Jonathan Cook (Board Chairman) look at how AMI’s work with partners, clients and programme participants led to creating jobs, improving livelihoods, developing future-fit leaders from the marketplace to the boardroom, and shifting systems for equitable and sustainable human progress.

“[Entrepreneurs and businesses] have the potential to address the big threats and opportunities of our time, as the continent strives to feed itself, power progress sustainably and elevate women. When [they] invest in skills development, we see transformation. Jobs are protected and created, livelihoods are improved, communities supported, and eventually, entire systems are strengthened.”

Read More About Our Impact in 2021

We invite you to download AMI’s 2021 Impact Report which contains an extensive view of a year that shaped the global economic landscape and how African entrepreneurs and their teams demonstrated resilience.

Download the AMI 2021 Impact Report

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