A 6-month blended programme that combines both highly interactive online learning sessions and experiential in-person Learning Labs, with access to AMI’s online platform where business leaders will access a collection of practical resources, tools, and course materials they need to put their business on the path to growth.

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Key benefits:

  • Businesses grow in revenue, profit, and funding access
    • Businesses have increased revenue
    • Businesses have increased profit
    • Businesses are able to raise capital
  • Businesses create more jobs and have an increased ability to preserve jobs
    • Businesses preserve jobs
    • Businesses create jobs
  • Businesses have longevity and survive longer
    • Businesses still in business
    • Businesses’ performance improves
  • Leadership have increased confidence in their leadership and take ownership of their businesses
    • Leaders (young & female) have increased confidence


October 2022


Business owner and up to two (2) key staff 


Blended Facilitator-led training


Free enrolment only for eligible and successful applicants


October 15, 2022

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  • Annual revenue is the amount of money your company earned from sales over a year; it does not include costs and expenses.
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AMI planning tool helps better quantify my needs for growth and have a clear visibility on growth for good decision making.

Khady BA, CEO Dydy Africa


This Programme is for:

  • SMEs in Dakar, Thies, Fatick, Kaolack, Kolda, Louga, Tambacounda and Ziguinchor
  • The main participant and applicant must be the CEO, Managing Director, Owner, or Founder of the business and must be an active participant in the programme.
  • Women and young-owned businesses are highly encouraged to apply


Revenue Profile:  

Generated 5.000.000 FCFA to 45.000.000 FCFA in the last financial year

Years In Business:
Business in operation for more than 1 year

Employee Size: 

Minimum 1 full-time employee

Internet Enabled:

Willing to work partly online – i.e. Must have a smartphone/Internet connection to access online tools, courses and online community

Willing to work online – i.e. Must have a smartphone/Internet connection to access online tools, courses and online community

Performance/ Data-oriented:

Willing to share performance/financial data as part of the financial goal tracking and analysis for finance readiness.


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About the Learning Journey

The programme learning journey focuses on taking your business through 7 key phases of your journey over a 6-month period. Each stage is approximately 3-4 weeks long. You'll be supported by key AMI staff during this period including the Programme Facilitator and a dedicated AMI Programme & Learning Manager.

Phase 1: Strategic Business Planning: Going for Growth

Help entrepreneurs get their businesses set up for growth – this means assessing where they are now, where they want to go, and what strategic activities will get them there in the short and medium-term. In this phase, we provide them with the tools to assess how the business environment is changing, and what this means for their strategic priorities. At the end of the phase, participating entrepreneurs will identify their key priorities for the next couple of months and how to measure progress.

Phase 2: Speak up and Lead

Provide participants with an understanding of the importance of storytelling and speaking up in their professional and personal lives.  It looks at how to craft stories that can communicate powerful messages about leadership, initiative-taking, and how values should shape our behaviours. The phase also builds people’s confidence in speaking up and sharing their stories.  

Phase 3: Innovation: Customer-Focused Growth

Focus on knowing customers and ensuring that entrepreneurs review business performance ad assesses if their products continue to meet their needs. We’ll review ‘ideation’ and the development of new product ideas based on internal strengths and resources. The phase offers entrepreneurs innovation and ideation tools to help spark creativity as we all respond to economic and environmental uncertainty and change. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to practice pitching new product ideas.

Phase 4: Financial Analysis and Decision Making

Invite entrepreneurs to re-assess how things are going – what they are doing well and any gaps. They’ll be looking at their financial trends and what it tells them about their business. Do they know their top customer? What are their most profitable products? Are their overheads increasing or decreasing? Knowing how a business is doing always is a key pillar of business growth and helps them make sound business decisions. Understanding drivers of profit and strategies to improve profit and cash flow – and drive towards achieving the Growth Goal for your business. 

Phase 5: Productivity: Talent and Operations

Guide entrepreneurs in exploring core Talent and Operations practices that focus on building their core structures for growth. The phase focuses on helping entrepreneurs in building great teams and streamline their operations & processes to support continuous improvement and growth.

Phase 6: ESG and Impact Measurement

Take a moment to reassess progress against the goals we set at the beginning of the programme. We’ll look at how their core vision defines the strategy going forward, assess core strategic opportunities and focus on execution – building a culture of continuous performance review, and improvement – preparing for graduation and entry to the Growth Network.

About the Partnerships

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About AMI and Mastercard Foundation

African Management Institute (AMI) and Mastercard Foundation (MCF) have partnered to offer this programme to SME owners and managers to help them get the tools and skills they need to face challenges, grow and thrive… The ultimate goal of this programme is to allow SMEs to thrive and get more access to finance.

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