Grow Your Business

Do you want to take your small or medium sized business from surviving, to thriving? This program will help you reach the next level by improving key habits that drive growth.

Through in-person workshops, online courses and practical tools, participants will discover five areas to improve your business practices: planning, customers and marketing, finance, operations, and people.

Next Programme in South Africa Begins: April 2, 2020

Does your businesses meet the following criteria? If so, apply today to learn more.

  1. Operational for more than 1 year

  2. Generated more than $10,000 in revenue

  3. Minimum of 2* full-time employees

About this programme

This programme empowers small and medium-size businesses reach the next level by helping you develop key habits that drive growth. Participants will discover five areas where they can improve their business practices: planning, customers and marketing, finance, operations, and people.

This flexible programme combines in-person training with group learning, and practical online tools accessible on-the-go via mobile, delivering the direct results that busy entrepreneurs and business owners need. It includes access to a mobile app for tracking business finances.

This programme is offered directly to ambitious businesses across Africa through partnerships with development and financial institutions.|

Value & Cost

The programme, valued at R7500 per business, is currently being offered at R4800 per business. You can choose whether to attend alone or with a colleague from your business.

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Key information

  • Designed for
    Small and medium size businesses and their teams
  • Key topics
    Personal & Business Habits for Growth, Financial Management, Strategy & Business Planning, Customers & Marketing, Operations, HR & Talent, Access to Capital
  • Targeted outcomes
    Increased revenue, reduced costs, increased profits, strategy for scale
  • Core components
    6-month blended programme for 2-3 people, plus additional 6-month access to mobile app.
  • Includes:
    • 3 days of in-person learning lab workshops
    • 24 online courses and practical business tools
    • Peer networking
    • Access to mobile app for business tools that support implementation

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