AMI Learn

AMI Learn is the essential business and management learning tool for Africa’s ambitious businesses, entrepreneurs, and managers. The app is the complete travel companion for African Management Institute’s (AMI) programme participants and learning communities.

AMI Learn is now available for iOS on the Apple App Store and available on iOS and updated on the Google Play Store for Android.




Learning is a journey, we travel with you.

Synced with AMI’s online learning platform, AMI Learn focuses on a participant’s Learning Journey. The app enables users to stay up to date with their programme, access tools, and make progress on courses, any time – even when offline. Learning is a journey, AMI Learn travels with you!


  • Stay active and complete your AMI Learning Journey
  • Read announcements, view what’s coming up, track your progress, and access all the components of your AMI programme
  • View and complete top priority courses and tool downloads
  • Network and continue conversations within other programme participants
  • Find and plan for key upcoming learning events
  • Access and complete all available and assigned AMI courses
  • Download resources and tools to apply them immediately
  • Offline sync mode: continue your progress without an internet connection and sync your account when you reconnect
  • Add your buddy to learn together
  • Submit your assignments
  • Watch videos and take quizzes
  • See your progress, results, and your final score all in one place
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