Skoll World Forum Ecosystem Event:

Springboards Not Ceilings: Reimagining Support for Women Entrepreneurs

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Skoll World Forum Ecosystem Event

The Skoll World Forum is an annual gathering where the world’s most influential social entrepreneurs and thought leaders come together to exchange ideas for a better world. The Forum is designed for learning, connection, and taking action for those dedicated to social progress and brings together leaders from across the globe. The event will take place as an all-virtual event from April 6–8, 2022. This year’s theme is “Face/Forward” –  learning from the past and moving collectively in the direction of progress. 

About AMI’s Ecosystem Event:

Springboards Not Ceilings: Reimagining Support For Women Entrepreneurs

During the Forum, AMI will host an “Ecosystem Event” focused on gender on Friday April 8th, 2022.

Women-led SMEs have been harder hit by the pandemic – 42% of W-SMEs lost more than 50% of their revenues compared to 37% of male-owned businesses. Business development support providers have stepped up support for W-SMEs, but success has been moderate – often because of top-down approaches that are not needs-driven.

As we “Face/Forward“, might we consider that the pandemic has actually presented an opportunity to reimagine and rebuild an inequitable SME support system from the ground up? How do we make sure we don’t repeat the marginalizing flaws of the pre-Covid entrepreneur support system? How can we truly put the needs of women at the centre of our programming, from design structure through to content, outreach and ecosystem linkages?


Patricia Maina, African Management Institute (AMI), Lead Partnerships & Gender


  • Andrea Warriner, African Management Institute (AMI), Director of Partnerships
  • Pauline Otila, Apiculture Ventures, Managing Director
  • Benard Chitunga, AfDB AFAWA, Senior Officer- Partnerships, Donors and Special Projects
  • Gwen Abiola-Oloke, Direct Investment Africa, Founder & CEO
  • Renee Hunter, Value for Women, Portfolio Lead
  • Vivien Torbunde, ME2U Enterprises, Founder & CEO

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