Brewing a Better Future: The Leadership Transformation at Spring Valley Coffee

Spring Valley Coffee

Imagine sipping a cup of Spring Valley Coffee, knowing that each bean has been carefully cultivated and roasted by a team committed to excellence not just in flavour, but in every facet of their operation. Spring Valley’s dedication to improving their internal processes means every cup of coffee is backed by a company striving for perfection.

Kenya-based Spring Valley Coffee Limited, renowned for its high-quality beans and rich, aromatic coffee, was looking to inspire new management approaches.They identified important areas for growth including owning company values, fostering personal accountability and time management.

To support learning Spring Valley management enrolled 28 dedicated staff members in AMI’s Management Development Programme. Aligned with Spring Valley’s mission to inspire change in the world through coffee, the programme focused on empowering managers to lead with confidence, skill, and a shared vision for the future.

The participants were highly dedicated and eager to grow within the company, and this translated into results. Feedback from team leaders showed noticeable growth in their teams, who had started using the tools and techniques learned during the programme, immediately on the job.

“Having difficult conversations, assertiveness, and delegating tasks have become part of my daily routine, thanks to the training we received,” said Astin Mumbi, one of the participants.

Vivien Wanjiku, one of Spring Valley’s branch managers took the practices and taught her team in the process:

“My team has become more proactive, bringing in ideas and tackling challenges together. We now have regular idea-sharing sessions that foster innovation.”

This proactive approach and regular collaboration were new hallmarks of the Spring Valley team.

At the programme graduation, Spring Valley’s COO Geert Hein-Jens, the COO of Spring Valley Coffee Limited, emphasized the importance of continuous learning.

“Continuous learning is important and starts from the leadership team, cascading down to everyone in the company. It creates a culture where personal growth is important; it allows you to be a better professional.” he said.

The Management Development Programme has been crucial in transforming the management skills at Spring Valley Coffee Limited.

By addressing key business challenges and fostering a culture of continuous learning, the company is better positioned to achieve its mission of inspiring change in the world through incredible coffee, one cup at a time.

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