Empowering Women: Nurturing Growth and Influence in Energy

Future females

Lucy Josephat Wambura, a supervisor at Simusolar Ltd., embarked on a transformative journey within the energy sector, driven by a relentless desire for self-improvement. Her story is a testament to the Future Females in Energy Program, designed to equip young women with skills and support to lead in the Energy Access Sector.

Lucy’s journey began with a nudge from her HR Manager and a positive experience in a previous AMI programme. Aspiring to become a senior supervisor, she saw the programme as a gateway to acquiring necessary skills. Guided by course conveners from UCT and supported by AMI, Lucy immersed herself in self-discovery and growth, acquiring invaluable skills that reshaped her career.

Despite balancing her workload, she navigated the programme with determination, leveraging productivity tools and seeking extensions when needed. The programme not only equipped her with skills but also nurtured her confidence in leadership. Empowered by the ‘Speak Up and Lead’ module, Lucy improved her communication and decision-making skills. She formed close connections with peers, planning to meet in Dar es Salaam to strengthen their collective voice in the energy sector.

Lucy’s story highlights the underrepresentation of women in the renewable energy sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite their potential, women remain concentrated in support roles.

Initiatives like the Future Females in Energy Program are crucial in addressing this gender gap, empowering women to thrive in leadership roles and drive meaningful change in the industry.

Lucy’s journey is an inspiration, showcasing the power of dedicated programmes in fostering a more inclusive renewable energy workforce. It calls for continued support and investment in the potential of women like Lucy, poised to lead the sustainable energy transition.

To read more stories in our 2023 Impact Report click here: ‘10 Years as an African Champion for Africa’s Business Champions’.

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