Setting clear objectives helped my business thrive: Clementine’s Journey to Success


Inspired by her desire to make a difference, Clementine embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, founding Noza Bamboo in 2021 after completing a bamboo-cutting workshop. Determined not to let her newfound knowledge go to waste, she set out to create a business that would benefit her and her community.

Facing the familiar challenges of a fledgling enterprise, Clementine remained steadfast, relying on patience and perseverance to navigate the hurdles of establishing her brand in competitive markets. Recognising the importance of effective management and strategic decision-making, she sought guidance from AMI in 2023.

Through AMI’s Set Up For Growth Programme, Clementine gained valuable skills and insights that helped her refine strategies and serve her customers better.

This programme is offered in English and Kinyarwanda to effectively support entrepreneurs in Rwanda.

The outcomes were immediate and significant – Noza Bamboo expanded its customer base, attracted more clients, and achieved substantial profits in 2023.

“We accessed new markets with our business growth,” Clementine stated. “Previously, I served one to three customers daily, but now it’s between five and seven.”

In 2023, Clementine’s dedication resulted in a significant milestone as the business earned 300,000 RWF for the first time. This financial success not only ensured the wellbeing of Clementine and her team but also injected essential funds into the local economy.

However, Clementine’s success goes beyond financial gains. With the growth of her business, came the opportunity to create jobs. Noza Bamboo now employs 16 individuals, including one permanent staff member and 15 non-permanent employees. 75% of these employees are women, providing valuable employment opportunities for young women aged 20 to 25 in the community.

Clementine’s journey underscores the transformative power of entrepreneurship and tailored support programmes like AMI. As she continues to nurture her business and empower her community, Clementine encourages fellow entrepreneurs to seize opportunities for growth and development, knowing firsthand the impact they can have on both individuals and society as a whole.

Since entering Rwanda in 2018 AMI has forged dozens of new local partnerships and reached 7,000+ small businesses like Clementine’s, having a ripple effect on livelihoods that can make a big difference.

To read more stories in our 2023 Impact Report click here: ‘10 Years as an African Champion for Africa’s Business Champions’.

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