The Prince of growth and community

Prince Mduduzi Ndlovu, Founder, Vision Future Hub Beauty Spa - South Africa

A humble South Africa business owner finds inspiration to grow his business and keep supporting his community

In the heart of South Africa’s most bustling and entrepreneurial townships, Soweto, there are a lot of entrepreneurs. Prince Mduduzi Ndlovu is one of them, but he’s unique. The founder of Vision Future Hub Beauty Spa, Prince is driven by his passion to grow and create employment opportunities. This passion led him to apply for and enroll in AMI’s Grow Your Business Programme. 

“A businessperson focuses on their workers, but an entrepreneur creates more opportunities and adds value to the community. I found myself with a business that wasn’t making enough to sustain itself and the workers. That’s when a good friend of mine told me about AMI,” said Mduduzi.

AMI’s Grow Your Business programme, he says helped him revamp and reshape his business and his ambition.

“Being part of the programme helped me reposition the business and transform it to the point of generating good profit and having sustainability. I was able to identify gaps and introduce new services to our clients. We were cautious and aware of the effects of the pandemic. Some of our clients lost their jobs and our services had become more of a luxury to them. To mitigate this, we had to innovate. We began offering incentives such as discounts and special offers. In the long run, I was able to hire more people and keep the business running.”

Prince Mduduzi Ndlovu, Founder, Vision Future Hub Beauty Spa - South Africa

Inspired to be more innovative, Mduduzi’s business success in the backdrop of a pandemic is commendable.

“Although the pandemic is still affecting us as a country, I am still applying the tools and using some of the resources I got from AMI. Even when it gets hard. I’m innovating and discovering the links between my business and other businesses. Embracing digital technology was a big plus for me. I learned that you don’t have to look far to expand as a business. Sometimes all you need is right in front of you.”

Mduduzi credits his problem solving and innovative skills to AMI and is now planning to implement even more lessons learnt. He says that he will continue working hard to innovate and constantly discover links between his business and other businesses. 

“AMI taught me that all businesses are linked in some way. For me right now, everyone I interact with is a potential client and the process is quite smooth. It’s only a click away. All you need to do is book an appointment through our website, Facebook Page, or Instagram page.”

Giving back and creating opportunities for youth within the community of Soweto is Mduduzi’s biggest source of motivation. It’s one of the things that continues to inspire him to keep pushing and never stop.

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