Survive to Thrive

It's a tough time to be a business owner. Survive to Thrive is a fully virtual programme designed to help African businesses navigate the unexpected challenges brought about by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Through interactive webinars, online courses, practical tools, and networking with other African businesses, participants will learn how to plan for and cope with a range of challenges like reduced revenue and cash flow, supply chain disruptions, remote staff, and shifting business strategies.

Because of high demand virtual programmes begin on a rolling basis in mid-April 2020.

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  1. Operational for more than 1 year

  2. Generated more than $10,000 in revenue

  3. Minimum of 2* full-time employees

About this programme

How can businesses and business owners across Africa adapt in a time of crisis? What are other entrepreneurs like you doing to shift strategy? How do you protect your business and survive COVID-19, while setting yourself up to thrive in the future?

Building on AMI’s Grow Your Business programme for small and medium sized enterprises, Survive to Thrive is a fully virtual programme designed to help African businesses navigate the unexpected challenges brought about by economic shocks like COVID-19.

The programme covers a range of topics, from scenario planning, cash-flow forecasting and cost management, through to opportunity identification and leading during uncertainty. We’ll also help you develop the habits and practices that will set you up to thrive, once the crisis starts to ease.

Conducted fully online, through interactive webinars, online courses, practical tools, the programme also offers plenty of opportunity to interact and brainstorm with other business owners across the continent.

Our goal is to equip small and medium businesses like yours across continent with the tools and skills they need not just to survive Covid-19, but eventually, to thrive.

Key information

  • Designed for
    Small and medium size businesses and their teams
  • Key topics
    Scenario planning, Financial Forecasting, Business Risk Assessment & Planning, Leading in Uncertainty, Managing Remote Teams, Identifying Opportunities & New Customer Segments, Personal & Business Habits for Growth, Adapting Operations & HR
  • Targeted outcomes
    Preserve your business, develop a strategy for survival, identify new opportunities, develop the habits and practices for growth in the future
  • Core components
    6-month virtual programme for 2-3 people, plus additional 6-month access to mobile app.
  • Includes:
    • 6 interactive webinars, hosted by AMI’s facilitators
    • 24 online courses and practical business tools
    • Peer networking and support
    • Access to mobile app for business tools that support implementation

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