Survive to Thrive

Designed to support Africa’s ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners, this virtual business growth programme provides leaders of SMEs with the skills, tools and strategies to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the Covid-19 crisis, to thrive now and in the future.

Accepting Applications for 2021 Cohorts

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Before joining AMI, I couldn’t really tell where petty cash was going. I also wasn’t keeping track of our costs and we were actually really eating into our profits. Now, thanks to the financial management course I can calculate and track by the week and even tell you how much profit we will potentially make before taking up a project.

- Irene Keino, Founder Eco Plan Management Ltd., Kenya

Designed For

Entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium sized businesses from across Africa ( w/ 1+ employees, at least 1 year of operation). The business may include one to two, mid-to-senior level managers from the company as participants in the programme. 

Peer Learning & Network of African Businesses

Businesses are placed into cohorts of up to 25 enterprises in similar sectors from across the continent. Upon completion you’ll join hundreds of businesses in a growing network of programme alumni.

Virtual Learning on the Go

The programme is delivered by AMI expert facilitators, through a combination of monthly interactive virtual workshops (learning labs) and online courses. Learning is accessed through AMI’s online learning platform and mobile app, so you can learn on the go as you keep your business moving forward.

Scholarship Opportunity

Thanks to support from a partner, AMI is offering full scholarships for each qualifying business (that’s a full discount of more than $500!!). Your commitment is to engage fully in the programme. 


  • Main applicant and participant is the CEO, managing director, owner, or founder of the business
  • Business has been in operational for more than 1 year
  • Generated more than $10,000 in revenue in last financial year
  • The business has a minimum of 2 full-time employees
  • Must complete the entire application process (submit application & complete additional qualifying and enrollment steps if accepted)
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Accepting Applications for 2021 Cohorts

Apply Now

Programme & Learning Journey

With growth as the ultimate destination, Survive to Thrive’s practical learning journey for businesses is based on implementing key business tools and ‘habits’ that are  proven to help businesses survive, thrive, and grow. 

This fully virtual 6-month business growth programme will introduce you to practical tools and courses that can be immediately applied in your enterprise, along with interactive virtual workshops led by expert facilitators, and the opportunity to network with other business leaders in your sector from across the continent.

The programme has 6 stages, delivered over 6 months, each focused on one key aspect of the business. Using AMI’s online platform and AMI Learn mobile app, you will apply these practical tools to your own business in real-time, seeing the impact immediately.

After the first 6 months, you’ll have another 6 months of access to AMI’s learning platform, tools and ongoing support, to ensure you turn your new skills into habits that will drive resilience and growth even once the programme is over. 

Practical Courses & Tools

Participants will work through practical courses and tools to help them bounce back from the challenges brought about by Covid-19 such as reduced revenue and cash-flow, adapt to shifts in customer needs and set up your business for growth.  

Key Topics

Scenario planning, Financial Forecasting, Business Risk Assessment & Planning, Leading in Uncertainty, Managing Remote Teams, Identifying Opportunities & New Customer Segments, Personal & Business Habits for Growth, Adapting Operations & HR

Targeted Outcomes

  • Preserve your business by understanding key risks and opportunities during difficult times
  • Use practical tools to build short and medium-term strategies to survive and thrive
  • Identify new innovations and opportunities for growth
  • Grow leadership skills & team entrepreneurial capabilities 
  • Develop skills to enhance company resilience and help prepare for growth


Programme Includes

  • Monthly (x6) virtual, interactive  ‘Learning Lab’ workshops, hosted by AMI expert facilitators
  • Access to 20 online courses & over 125 practical business tools through AMI’s learning platform and mobile app
  • Monthly peer group meetings to learn from and network with  business across Africa
  • Practical downloadable tools and online courses so you can apply what you learn directly in your business 
  • Access to AMI’s mobile app, AMI Learn, for daily support and learning on the go
  • Support from a dedicated AMI account manager

Scholarship Details

With support from a partner, AMI is offering full scholarships for each qualifying business (that’s a full discount of more than $500!!). A business can only submit one programme application.

In addition to completion requirements, receiving the scholarship is contingent on full participation in our business performance reporting requirements. Read below for details of scholarship requirements. 

Scholarship Details

To receive the full scholarship for Survive to Thrive, we require that all participating businesses share some basic  financial data  with AMI, such as business revenue, profit and staff headcount.

The reason for this is to:

  1. Help you develop the habit of constantly tracking and measuring your business performance. 
  2. Enable  AMI to better tailor our support for participants and measure the effectiveness of our programmes
  3. Allow AMI to report anonymised impact data to our sponsorship partners as a requirement of the subsidy. In short, without this data, we cannot continue to provide subsidised programmes to businesses like yours

Your data will be anonymised before it is ever shared. It is our policy that no identifiable business data will ever be shared (see our data privacy policy).

Here are the steps you’ll be required to follow (businesses that fail to do so will be released from the programme):

  • Track your business’ growth by recording financial figures every month and submitting this to AMI every month of the programme *
  • Track your business’ annual growth by recording and sharing your business’ annual performance data with AMI at the beginning of the programme, and for 2 years after the programme.
  • Engage with all the core requirements of the programme (i.e attending learning  sessions, downloading and implementing practical tools and submitting key programme surveys)