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This programme is designed to help businesses in Rwanda build an online presence through effective strategies and leveraging social media platforms. AMI’s Take Your Business Online programme, provides various resources and tools for you to develop a successful online presence and boost sales

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About the Programme

Through online courses offered in both English and Kinyarwanda, virtual learning labs and practical tools, you’ll acquire skills to enhance your brand awareness and promote your business to the target audience.
Under this programme, you will learn strategies to identify customer pain points, interests, buying patterns, demographic data, and more by utilising AMI tools to develop customer profiles and customer journey maps.

Programme Details

Who: Company leaders (business owners, CEOs, Managing Directors or Business Founders)

Duration:The Take Your Business Online programme is offered within 4-weeks.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should:

  • Have a business that has been operating for at least one year
  • Generate a minimum monthly revenue range of RWF100,000 – RWF500,000
  • Have a smartphone and/or laptop with internet connection to access online tools, learning labs, courses, and interact with the AMI community online

Programme Learning Journey

Understanding Your Customers

No matter what type of business you own, knowing your customers is critical. Why is this process so important? Your customers are your business, without them you have no revenue. Customers not only help you run your business but also help it grow by referring you to their friends and family.
Understanding your customers is critical to knowing if your business remains viable and if you’re continuing to serve customer needs as the market, your customer, and your business change. You should be constantly asking yourself these questions.

Assessing and identifying the use of digital marketing platforms

With so many social media platforms available, it can be difficult to determine which channel to use – that’s why the first step for any business that wants to grow through social media is to really understand its customers, their buying patterns and other trends over time

In this bootcamp, we’ll help you better understand your customers, how you interact with them and identify opportunities to increase your reach and build customer loyalty.

Certificate of Completion

At the end of the programme, we’ll celebrate together in a virtual Closing Ceremony, where we’ll celebrate big and small wins, insights and impact from our learning journey together, and if you, as a business owner, have met the core programme requirements your business will also be given a certificate of completion to recognize and celebrate this milestone!

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AMI's “Take Your Business Online'' programme helped me to market my product so that it can reach many people and increase sales. Before, I used to spend a lot of money on people who had to do it for me, but now I am able to do the marketing plan myself by identifying the budget I will need using the tools provided by AMI.

Joselyne Tuyishimire , founder of House of Honey Ltd and AMI Rwanda Alumni

The Programme Includes

Virtual learning lab to network and exchange ideas with other businesses in Rwanda

Online courses accessed through AMI’s learning platform to help you improve marketing strategies and increase sales on social media

Practical business tools downloaded from AMI’s platform to enable you apply the skills gained from the programme


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