Take your team's performance to the next level with this virtual programme on core professional skills such as personal productivity, planning communication and team-work.

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About the Programme

Empower your team members to be at their best through high-impact virtual workshops, online courses, on-the-job practice, and real-time feedback. This programme provides training on essential practices like goal setting, time management, communication, teamwork, and emotional intelligence.

AMI can tailor the programme to meet the needs of your people. Our research-backed learning approach ensures that your team and your business will see positive, measurable results in productivity, collaboration, and performance.

Key information

Designed for

Entry-level and Junior management staff

Key topics

Goal-setting & planning, Communication, Personal productivity & time management, Accountability & ownership, Self-management & stress, Working in teams, Active listening, Giving and receiving feedback, Influencing others, Emotional intelligence

Key outcomes

Staff are equipped to break down goals into manageable tasks, prioritize and manage their time, communicate & collaborate effectively and handle emotions at work

Core components

4-month blended programme. Includes:

  • 4 – 90-minute virtual learning sessions
  • Robust online courses with ongoing access to AMI’s online platform and mobile app
  • Have a smartphone and/or laptop with an internet connection to access online tools, learning labs, courses, and the online community
  • Practical tools and coaching that can be applied on the go to real workplace challenges

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This 4-month virtual programme Includes:

  • 7×90 minutes Learning Labs
  • 7 online courses & practical tools
  • 1 Change Challenge practical projects
  • Graduation event

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I signed up for the programme because I wanted to deal with the challenges I was facing as a business owner during the pandemic. I wanted to find better ways of managing my business so that I could stay in business. The training was resourceful, it came at a time when I really needed it. I was able to access the practical tools provided including the sales report took, the stock keeping tool , purchase and expenses tools which enabled me to manage and organise my business better.

- Linda Grace Rugema, Founder of Little Smiles, Rwanda


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