Work Readiness Bootcamp

Designed for young Pan African professionals in the energy sector to help establish career pathways for longevity within the energy industry.

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About the Programme

The work readiness bootcamp supports Pan African professionals in the energy sector – helping establish career pathways for longevity within the energy industry and developing a pool of high-calibre local talent to enable the sector to deliver on energy access and decarbonization goals.

This bootcamp is not a traditional training course – the ‘’ bootcamp is a 2-month fully virtual programme that combines highly interactive online webinar, with access to AMI’s online platform where young leaders will access a collection of practical resources, tools, and course materials they need to succeed in their roles in the energy sector.

AMI’s learning platform provides opportunities for young professionals to connect with their peers, share challenges and support each other on their journey to growth.

Through the 2-month boot camp, participants will learn how to deal with workplace challenges and work well with others to succeed in their roles.

Programme Objectives:

The aim of this programme is to develop and empower young professionals in the following ways:

  • Helping them understand their role in the business and how they can get the best out of their work environment
  • Help them understand what it takes to be successful in any role in different organisations
  • Grow their confidence by learning how to ask great questions and get feedback on professional development

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Key Information

Key Programme Details 

Programme Starts:
Ongoing Intake

2 months


A 2-hour experiential workshop built around exercises, including simulations and role-plays.

Two months of access to the online academy.

Programme Fee:
Fully sponsored, with no programme fee.


Qualified participants must meet the standard eligibility below:

  • Young professionals looking to grow their careers (1-5 years in employment)
  • Able and willing to work online – i.e. Must have a smartphone/Internet connection to attend virtual sessions, access online tools and courses
  • Participants must commit to developing a Personal Professional Development Plan detailing both short term and long term goals. This will be completed and submitted as a prerequisite for graduation.

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For inquires contact: david@africanmanagers.org

About the Learning Journey

The bootcamp is divided into 2 modules. Each module is covered over a one month period. The modules are as listed below:

What does it take to be successful in my role

Being successful and productive at your job requires more than just participation – it demands being proactive about your own performance. How you are doing your job is just as important as what you are doing.

Topics covered in the bootcamp:

  • Understanding the business environment
  • How to break down goals and make a plan (including how to get help if you’re off track)
  • How to get the best out of the work environment
  • Personal productivity (how you organize your responsibilities, goals, and routines to efficiently and consistently complete the tasks that matter most.)

Recommended courses:
• Setting Goals for Success
• Personal Productivity- Mandatory course
• Problem-Solving


Going above and beyond

Sometimes your job is bigger than you thought. It’s bigger than your job description, at least if you are looking to advance your career. Going above and beyond is necessary to stand out in the organization, and, thus, is very valuable for you and your growth.

Topics covered in the bootcamp:

  • Stretching yourself (going above and beyond in your role)
  • Understanding how you fit and contribute to the business
  • How to highlight your success
  • Asking for and receiving feedback
  • Managing your time and energy
  • How to work well with others
  • Emotional intelligence

Recommended courses:
• Self-management – mandatory
• Emotional intelligence


About the Partnership

As part of the UK aid’s Transforming Energy Access (TEA) initiative, African Management Institute (AMI) has partnered with Shortlist bootcamp to support Pan-African professionals in the energy sector by helping to establish career pathways for longevity within the energy industry and developing a pool of high-caliber local talent to enable the sector to deliver on energy access and decarbonization goals. The programme will equip participants with tools and resources to help transform and grow their careers.

This project is funded by UK aid from the British people via the Transforming Energy Access programme (TEA).



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