At AMI, we believe that developing skilled entrepreneurs, leaders and managers is critical to nurturing businesses with deep roots of resilience.

In this report, we share how AMI’s continued innovation in African enterprise and skills development has helped the individuals and businesses we serve to stand strong for the long term, and continue to create and sustain livelihoods – including of youth and women – through increasing turbulence.

Amidst ongoing challenges, our focus on driving deep shifts in mindset and building grit and agency has equipped entrepreneurs and leaders to thrive and innovate.

Here, we share the results of our work to cultivate ‘The Resilience Factor’ in 2022.

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Featured Stories

Poultry Business Growth Has Ripple Effects for Nigerian Smallholder Farmers

Adebayo Awoyele (Nigeria), the owner of Ensapuh Veterinary Services, enrolled for Grow Your Business in 2021. Ensapuh saw revenue growth from $106k to $178k (67%) from 2021 – 2022, raised investment in 2022 and created 5 full time jobs and 7 part time jobs. Ensapuh offers consultancy services to farmers and works with smallholder farmers to produce live chickens.

Kenyan Youth Entrepreneurs Creating Jobs for Youth

Kenya’s Orac Branding enrolled in AMI’s flagship Grow Your Business programme in 2021.
Their two youth founders increased revenue by 70% in 2022, created 10 jobs and forged partnerships with other entrepreneurs they met on our programme.

The practical tools we provide to help entrepreneurs reduce cost, adapt business offerings, and access finance became even more critical to business resilience and the preservation of jobs of the youth and women most affected by uncertainty.


The scenario planning tool has also been very useful to me…it has really prepared me for the worst-case and the best-case scenario…[and] helped me to think beyond the next three months.

 – Samkelwe Gqomo, Womandla Global Network
2022 Emerge Programme Participant

What I found most useful about the programme was the tools. I have a folder on my laptop named MBA. Everything in that folder is the tools I downloaded from the AMI programme.


 – Munune Githiri, Orac Branding
Grow Your Business (Kenya) Programme Participant

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