Impact Reports

2022: The Resilience Factor

In this report, we share how AMI’s continued innovation in African enterprise and skills development has helped the individuals and businesses we serve to stand strong for the long term, and continue to create and sustain livelihoods – including of youth and women – through increasing turbulence.

Amidst ongoing challenges, our focus on driving deep shifts in mindset and building grit and agency has equipped entrepreneurs and leaders to thrive and innovate.

Here, we share the results of our work to cultivate ‘The Resilience Factor’ in 2022.

Download AMI’s 2022 Impact Report

2021: Skills to Power Growth and Impact

At AMI, we are convinced that Africa’s ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders are the key to driving sustainable human progress on the continent. In this report, we will share how AMI’s work in 2021 – building skills for growth with businesses and their teams – helped unlock business growth, create jobs, improve livelihoods and strengthen whole systems to withstand the turbulence of our times and support thriving communities.

Click here to read about our impact in 2021 and the skilled, determined and resilient people behind the numbers.

Download AMI’s 2021 Impact Report

2020: A year of struggle, hope & resilience

In 2020, we made it our primary mission at AMI to help micro, small and medium size businesses survive the effects of the pandemic, through practical tools and resources.

This report provides a snapshot of AMI’s impact in 2020, drawing on quantitative and qualitative data from businesses and individuals across Africa. As the outlook remains uncertain and challenging for even the most resilient entrepreneurs, our goal is to paint a picture of hope, despite the struggle.

To read the stories of struggle and hope as told by African entrepreneurs and their teams.

Download AMI’s 2020 Impact Report

2018: AMI Impact Snapshot

Download AMI’s 2018 Impact Report

2017: AMI Impact Report

Download AMI’s 2017 Impact Report

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