AMI Celebrates the Tourism and Hospitality Sector’s Impact in Rwanda

30th September 2022

Every year on 27 September, the world celebrates World Tourism Day to recognise the role tourism plays in economic growth through job creation and providing opportunities for communities to prosper.

To mark World Tourism Day, the African Management Institute hosted an event at Norrsken Kigali House with its programme graduates, partners and industry stakeholders to share and celebrate the impact made through their programmes. The event was also an occasion for AMI to affirm its long-term commitment to empower businesses working in the sector by equipping them with needed skills and practical tools to grow.

“Rwanda’s tourism and hospitality industry has been experiencing significant transformation and growth, providing high potential for employment opportunities to young Rwandans. AMI’s unique approach to entrepreneurship and business management training has been preparing businesses and their workforces for any challenging situation, enabled them to seize growth opportunities, and rethink tourism” says Malik Shaffy, Country Manager at AMI.

Over the last three years, AMI has supported businesses in Rwanda under the Mastercard Foundation’s Hanga Ahazaza initiative , which increases employment opportunities for young people while expanding the tourism and hospitality sector in Rwanda.

Thanks to Entrepreneurship and Workplace Learning Programmes, Businesses bounced back strongly in 2021, and created jobs while others invested in their teams. AMI offered a range of programmes – open enrollment in the market, inhouse programmes with clients, and impact-driven programmes with partners focused on specific sectors to drive transformation, with the following results:

  • 51% of young adults and youth (below 35years old) trained under these programmes reported that they have gotten promoted, had salary increments or access to new job opportunities;
  • 78% of senior leaders, managers & employees confirmed that they apply the learnings often on their day jobs and stated that their competency has improved
  • 77% of Micro, Small and Medium-sized businesses trained through entrepreneurship programmes reported an increase in revenue in 2021

Through AMI’s workplace learning programmes provided under the Hanga Ahazaza Initiative, Leaders, managers and professionals trained report that the skills acquired have improved their performance and that they are proud to contribute to the development of Rwanda’s tourism and hospitality industry.

Patrick Twizeyimana – Sales & Marketing Manager, Sina Gerard Entreprise Urwibutso Nyirangarama

Patrick Twizeyimana has been working in the tourism and hospitality industry for eight years. He is currently working at Sina Gerard Entreprise Urwibutso in Nyirangarama in sales and marketing. Joining the industry was a dream come true for him.

He participated in AMI’s Inspiring Managers programme to expand his managerial skills. Prioritisation, self-awareness and emotional management are among the most important skills gained from the programme. Patrick has also trained his colleagues on how to use different management tools from AMI.

“Working in tourism and hospitality requires you to understand and show a high level of customer care and work with others in a conducive environment. AMI equipped me with those skills, and it’s really boosted my working spirit,” says Patrick.

As Rwanda joins the world to celebrate World Tourism Day, he is proud of the progress made and his contribution to a growing sector.

“I now see myself as someone who had a role in the sector’s journey to growth. Rwanda works hard to attract investors in this sector and people involved need to know that they have what it takes to succeed and offer good services,” adds Patrick.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on different sectors, and tourism and hospitality were no exception.

Aime Habihirwe -Head Chief at Stafford Coffee Brewers Company

Aime Habihirwe, a university graduate in Hospitality Management in Culinary Arts and now a Head Chief at Stafford Coffee Brewers Company found the pandemic particularly difficult.

However, thanks to AMI’s workplace learning programme, he has gained professional skills and experience which have taken him to the next level in his career.

“I gained skills that made me confident to do the work and effectively collaborate with colleagues by communicating positively and managing my emotions when making decisions. This helped me get promoted from an Assistant Chef to a Head Chef,” says Aime.

Vanessa Kanyabutembo – Head of Frontal Office, White Stone Apartment

Vanessa Kanyabutembo, a young Rwandan who has been in the tourism and hospitality sector for six years and who now works as the Head of the Front Office at White Stone Apartments, says that the skills acquired from AMI’s training helped her adjust to difficult situations, including Covid-19 pandemic.

“Consistent learning is a necessity in this sector. With AMI’s workplace learning programme, I was able to visualise my future by identifying where I am now, where I want to be and what I need to do. Before, it was hard for me to adjust with the Covid-19 situation, but through the training, I managed to adapt to the new environment which has positively impacted my work. I’m excited to keep learning and contributing to the sector,” says Vanessa.

Learn more about the African Management Institute and apply to join its entrepreneurship development and workplace learning programmes at africanmanagers.org/rwanda.

Article First Published on Igihe Media: AMI Celebrates the Tourism and Hospitality Sector’s Impact in Rwanda

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